Phil Libin is a co-founder and the CEO of mmhmm, the app for making video calls and presentations more fun. The company, which is just over a year old, has now raised a total of around $140 million from SoftBank's Vision Fund, Sequoia Capital and other investors. mmhmm was incubated at All Turtles, a mission-driven product studio launched by Phil.

Phil was born in Leningrad, USSR and moved to America when he was eight years old. Phil cofounded Evernote, CoreStreet, and other companies. Phil also spent some time with General Catalyst, a VC fund, where he kicked off a new project to find, fund and grow startups building bots.

Phil attended Boston University with a concentration in Computer Science, but left just before he was due to graduate to focus on his plans to launch a software company.

From this episode with Phil, you will learn about:

  • Startups being not the single choice for builders - '... if you're one of the most talented, say, filmmakers and so you just like graduated from film school ... you don't have to like make your own movie studio. You can go and make something at Netflix';
  • Questions you need to answer before embruing on the startup journey;
  • 'Two weeks / two weeks' framework that Phil uses at All Turtles to evaluate startup ideas and problems they aim to solve;
  • Importance of considering facts that go agains your narrative;
  • How to prioritise customer feedback - Phil tells us about 'two people that live in his head' and make buying decisions;
  • How to ask and accept an advice, avoid the situation when '... if all you're gonna do is just shop around for advice, like, you're just gonna get advice until you hear the one that confirms your narrative';
  • Massive changes in ways how we work and live - 'I think this is a bigger transformation than doc-com time'.