Kyle Kirwan is a co-founder and the CEO of Bigeye, a data quality engineering platform. The three-year-old company raised $21 million from Sequoia, Costanoa Ventures, and others.

Among Bigeye's customers are Instacart, Crux Informatics, and Lambda School.

Kyle graduated from the University of Florida and spent more than five years at Uber, working across data science and product management. Among other things at Uber, Kyle led the creation of Databook, Uber's internal data catalog used by analysts, scientists, engineers, and operations, that made thousands of datasets easy to discover and use.

From this episode with Kyle, you will learn about:

  • What kind of projects Kyle worked on at Uber, and how these projects led him to launch Bigeye. Kyle talks about the importance of enjoying what you do and identifying a problem that repeats in various organisations.
  • Kyle also highlights two approaches to finding a startup idea: moving from your experience vs. exploring the market.
  • Ways to organise the interviewing process for customer development in order to generalise better.
  • The further professionalisation and specialisation of the data science field and its impact on the tech stack.
  • Areas of the data stack where we may expect exciting changes? Reverse ETL, general orchestration and pipeline, construction space.
  • Finding the right time to hire the first salesperson and exploring what kind of relationships a founder might want to have with this person.
  • Choosing a feature that needs to be prioritised for productisation/generalisation. How prioritisation is connected to requests from customers. What helps a founder to stick to the strategic roadmap.
  • Crucial questions someone needs to have answers to before starting a company with a co-founder. Why are the relationships between co-founders more critical than the company strategy?
Mentioned items and themes: BigQuery, DataDog, AppDynamics, New Relic, dbt, ETL, orchestration, data observability